Pill Organizer AM / PM Lewis N Clark


Pill Organizer AM / PM Lewis N Clark


This travel daytime nighttime pill organizer is great for coordinating medication while not at home.  There are 16 individual small pouches which are labeled with numbers and color coded for day and night medication doses.  The small pouches have a slide-zip closure so that pills and supplements don't spill out while traveling.   Each individual sachet fits inside its own pocket.  This travel medication organizer includes a medical reference card for convenience.  The outer travel is made of sturdy nylon, zips closes and snaps for added security. The slim design stows easily in luggage, briefcase or shoulder bag.   

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Lewis N Clark Travel Day Night Medication Organizer is a great pill organizer for traveling.  It keeps medications and supplements coded and secure in individual pouches.  Travel pill organizer for travel features individually labeled pouches.  The pill organizer is sturdy, secure, yet small enough to fit in a purse or day pack.  Take your pill organizer with you all the time so you never miss a dose or forget to take your vitamins and supplements even when you are away from home.

 Pill Organizer Features:

  • Color coded for daytime and nighttime use
  • Lightweight and compact organization for vitamins and medications
  • 16 individually pouches
  • Color coded sachets
  • Easy to use slide-locking closures keep contents secure
  • Includes medical reference card and large zippered pocket
  • Fastens shut when not in use