Ear Plugs Soft and Reusable Design Go


Ear Plugs Soft and Reusable Design Go


Every traveler needs a pair of earplugs for long plane rides and for staying  overnight in new cities with unfamiliar noises.  These Design Go Soft Ear Plugs come in their own travel package and have three pairs of reusable ear plugs.  The super soft memory foam ear plugs form to fit your ear canal.  Take your earplugs with you everywhere with the convenient carrying case.  Earplugs can be great at loud bars, concerts and when stuck next to loud construction sites.

Super soft earplugs for all your traveling needs

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Reusable and carried in a hygienic carry case, these earplugs are the ideal solution to keep the noise out if you're planning to put head down. Everyone should own a pair of earplug to protect your ears from loud noises and to get a restful nights sleep when outside noises can be bothersome. 

Design Go Soft Ear Plugs Features:

  • Soft memory foam plug
  • Reusable
  • Three pairs
  • Hygienic travel Case

To Use Your Luxury Soft Ear Plugs: 

  1. Gently roll ear plug as thin as possible
  2. Place in ear canal
  3. The plug will gently expand to its original size eliminating unwelcome noise