Leopard Raincoat Is Spot On Trend

Mycra Pac Donatella Leopard Print Tea Raincoat

Mycra Pac Donatella Leopard Print Tea Raincoat

The wildest fashion trend for 2019 is animal print. And there is no better way to be spot on trend this season with a Mycra Pac leopard print raincoat. Going In Style now carries the Mycra Pac leopard print raincoat in the tea length. Tea length leopard print coat hits below the knee, about mid calf. Leopard print is feminine and a bit wild and it is really a very classic trend. Everyone should own at least one leopard print piece in their wardrobe. Make that piece a leopard raincoat by Mycra Pac.

The great thing about Mycra Pac raincoats is that the coats are reversible. If you want a more subtle touch of leopard print, you can reverse your raincoat from the leopard side to the solid bronze side. When the leopard raincoat is reversed you get a hint of animal print through the oversize collar of the coat.

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You call also purchase Mycra Pac’s leopard print coat in mini and short lengths.

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