Travel Door Alarm Belle Hop


Travel Door Alarm Belle Hop


This Travel Door Alarm by Belle Hop is a portable security companion.  Take it with you while you travel and attach it to your door to enable a loud, high-pitched 91dB alarm.  Security is a great companion. Use it on the door of your hotel or dorm room as an added safety measure.  Feel safe when you are traveling to foreign countries and unfamiliar places.

Includes two AG13 button-cell batteries.


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The Travel Door Alarm offers an extra measure of security when traveling or when at home.  You can use this door alarm on any door.  It is lightweight and packable so it is truly a go anywhere door alarm.  This door alarm is great for staying in unfamiliar hotels and for traveling to unfamiliar countries. This door alarm features an LED flashlight for viewing door locks and for flashlight emergencies.  You can never be too safe. Be safe, be happy.

Travel Door Alarm Features: 

  • 91dB alarm
  • LED flashlight
  • Includes batteries
  • Lightweight